Dundalk Bay Brewery is proud to be a partner of Origin Green.

We intend to continue to introduce beneficial ways and means to improve the overall production and standards set in our Brewery for sustainability for both our employees and our clients now and in the future.


At Dundalk Bay Brewery we pride ourselves in being part of a greener, brighter future in brewing and in business. Our automated recipe driven brewing process is both economical in terms of savings made per brew and through our economic efficient metrics of reusing energies and capturing ways to keep improving yield as time goes on. This generates a better impact in the future of our business through the regenerating of throughput in our facility which therefore creates a knock-on effect to our customer who is making a difference every time they buy our products. Our products are carefully brewed and our ingredient sources are local and natural. Our whole ethos is to make better decisions in both brewing and in business to help the environment and create a leaner and sustainable source for our beers which we take pride in.

Our commitment to the environment:

  • It is our commitment to our workforce and customers to make sure we comply and create a change which will positively impact our environment.
  • We pledge to reduce electricity, water, and gas usage year on year by making smarter choices and create more energy saving options in our facility.
  • We continue to develop, upskill and support our workforce with training and resources in Health and Safety.
  • We endeavour to support our local raw material providers

We truly believe that we all have a part in making a difference in creating an environmentally conscious society. We are delighted to be working with Bord Bia and to have been awarded Origin Green for our facility and products. Our methods of operating in an environmentally friendly way will be the core of our business and understanding who we are and what we stand for. We set the standards for breweries operating all over Ireland to reduce waste, and overall reducing their environmental impact and being aware of same.

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