All our recipes feature local natural ingredients, carefully selected to produce a clean, crisp and refreshing taste – no preservative, no chemicals
– just fresh beer.

We recognise and are inspired by the great minds in brewing –
We raise a glass to the Brewmaster.

This IPA has grapefruit aroma with a hint of passion fruit, pine and citrus to give a fruity tropical burst to the taste buds. Supercharged with dry hops and brewed with hoppy fusions to add a slight bitter finish, this powerful IPA distinguishes from the rest, for a beer you will remember with full flavour and a great aroma that takes you on a tropical journey!

Food pairing:

Pair this beer with salty and fried foods, Mexican meals, Indian curries.

Our favourite choice is when served alongside grilled red meat! It can even work well with citrus desserts!
Now that’s tempting!


DBB IP Ale is brewed with Local Pale ale malts blended together with a special style of hops and Citra hops.

ABV % 5.6
Bitterness IBU 40

We have used a traditional style German twist to our lager to create a full bodied nostalgic taste with a slight bitter kick and subtle hints of flower and spice aromas.

Food pairing:

Team this beer up with seafood, chicken, pork or beef.

This lager works with all food types and especially effective when teamed up with spicy foods!


Water, hops, yeast, malt

ABV % 4.2
Bitterness IBU 12

Our Red Ale holds the characteristics of a traditional style Irish ale. True in colour to its name and with a bold malty taste, this Red Ale has notes of brown bread, caramel, toffee biscuit and subtle hints of smooth bitterness on finish. An aroma of toast and a hint of chocolate give to the depth of this Red Ale making it a real “go-to” for ale lovers.

Food pairing:

Pair this Ale with any and all roasted or grilled meats, sandwiches, and cheeses, our Red Ale will compliment and not overpower your everyday recipes.


Red Ale is brewed with Local Pale ale malts blended together with hops.

ABV % 4.2
Bitterness IBU 15

Introducing NEW Brewmaster Light Lager!

This draught beer, a NEW addition to our Brewmaster family, is best described as natural taste, fresh filtered light lager that is a perfect sessionable golden beer at 4.2% ABV.  Only the finest natural ingredients are used to create this premium quality lager.

Brewmaster Light pours a clear gold colour with a white frothy head. Aromas floral hops and malt and grain notes for the perfect summer pint.

This beer available on keg.

Contact us if this is something that you may be interested in

Food pairing:

This beer teams up perfectly with salads, BBQ’s, all types of meats and cheeses.


Only the finest natural ingredients are used to create this premium quality lager.

ABV % 4.2

Tsar Peter the Great, a Romanov family member, created the Russian Imperial Stout beer. On his voyage he developed the taste for stout and so thus we dedicate this beer to him basing it on the original Romanov family recipe brewed using eight different types of malt, with light roasted undertones and dark mochaccino notes.

Food pairing:

When life gives you stout, make an Irish stew. The rich flavours complement and enhance the dining experience. This seasonable Russian Imperial Stout can be easily enjoyed at any time of year and pairs very well with BBQ red meat or any smoked meat or cheese.


Water, malted barley, oats, wheat, hops & yeast

ABV % 8
Bitterness IBU 60

This copper coloured and aromatic beer is a mash of the Belgian and American pale ale styles. Spiced with orange peel and coriander during brewing, fermented using a Belgian ale strain and finished with a healthy dry hopping of Amarillo hops, the beer extrudes both the hoppy and bitter characteristics of an American pale ale whilst also conveying a low but noticeable ester profile so commonly associated with Belgian beers.

Food pairing:

For this cultural mash-up we recommend a big juicy Americana style burger covered in ketchup and mustard with an unhealthy portion of Belgian fries


Water, malted barley, wheat, orange peel, coriander, hops, and yeast

ABV % 4.5
Bitterness IBU 45

Brewed as a Weiss beer and aged in Kentucky Bourbon soaked barrels. Light reminiscent Weiss touch with Bourbon barrel flavours that dominate this Weiss Ale giving a warming feel with a light hint of prunes and port wine.

Food pairing:

The Kentucky Bourbon characteristics of this beer mean it pairs well with classic southern dishes such as fried chicken or Jambalaya. If you have a sweet tooth..anything goes.


Water, barley, wheat, hops, yeast, orange oil and ground coriander

ABV % 8
Bitterness IBU 18

Deep gold in colour and lightly hopped to create a sophisticated smooth presence that is easy-drinking. This full bodied lager  has been created with our selected malts creating a finely balanced beer with citrus notes. Best enjoyed slowly.

Food pairing:

This Maibock makes for a perfect accompaniment to a wide range of cuisine. We recommend springtime-style nibbles such as hams a Gruyere cheese of lamb with mint sauce.


Water, Lager Malt, Munich Light Malt, Cara Light Malt, Biscuit Malt, (Contains Gluten) Hallertau Blanc Hops, Tettnang Hops, Yeast.

ABV % 6.5
Bitterness IBU 30


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